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  • For an excellent made-to-measure item I need, above all, your exact

Whether it’s an evening dress, a jacket, trousers or a skirt, or perhaps
you’re looking for an unusual top - I have ideas. I will sketch the design
exclusively for you.  The first step in the preparation of your outfit is a
discussion together.  After the materials are selected and a design is made,
I will provide you with a proposal. Ideally, the process will begin one to
two months before the desired completion date, so that there’s enough time
to obtain all of the required elements and for sufficient time to complete
the process.  Typically, one or two fittings are necessary before the work
is complete. If the fabric is very expensive, I will first make a model from
other materials.

  • Creation of stages and costume balls

It would be a special challenge for me to make special designs for the
theatre or costume balls.

  • The material

I will discuss with you the most appropriate cut, as well as the choice of
fabric and other materials. You can select the materials in my workshop or
from catalogs. You may also provide your own materials.

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